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the ship so real it ships itself

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A place for sehun x lu han fanfiction, fan art and other fanworks

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Welcome to xoxoSEHAN, a community for the ship so real it literally sails itself. Broken up by an entire chunk of water? No big deal. That's what fanwork is for. On that note, feel free to post fic, artwork, and any other kind of original fanwork here!


♥ There will be no bashing, flaming or anything mean-spirited here. Respect everyone. If you have a problem with someone or you have a concern, PM a mod!
♥ All postings here should be related to Sehun/Lu Han in some way. They can be a minor pairing in your story, but they have to at least be relevant enough that someone looking for Sehun/Lu Han material is going to be satisfied reading it.
♥ The tags are your friends. Please tag with a [!] fanwork tag and a rating tag!
♥ All fanwork must be posted under an LJ cut / with a link to the journal that hosts the work.
♥ All fic entries MUST display, at the very least, a rating (and a warning, if appropriate). You can add in a title, summary, author's note, what have you, but you absolutely must display an appropriate rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17) and you absolutely must warn for any type of potentially triggering material (ex: character death, self injury, rape, etc). You may, alternatively, choose to display "author chooses not to warn for potential triggers" as your warning text if you would prefer not to warn potential readers of potentially triggering material. You may not post without warnings.
♥ You can post as many times as you like a day, within reason. If you've written five chapters of a fic and you want to post them all at the same time, we recommend posting them in one handy entry instead of scattered them.
♥ Advertisements are not allowed unless you have permission from one of the mods.
♥ You may not post fanwork that does not belong to you unless you have explicit permission from the creator to do so.
♥ Anything posted here must remain unlocked for at least 72 hours.
♥ Thank you to shiminlove for letting us use their rulebook!